Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 8

Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 8
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Browne and Nolan Ltd, Dublin 1913
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music
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HISTORY OF IRiSH MUSIC.( CHAPTER I.ANCIENT la isu Music.USIC is a universal language, appealing to thevery soul of man, and is the outpouring of theheart, whether to express joy or sorrow, torouse to battle or soothe to sleep, to give expression ofjubilation for the living or of wailing for the dead, tomanifest sympathy with society or devotion to the Deity.It is, as Thomas Davis writes, the first faculty of theIrish. He goes on as follows :No enemy speaks slightingly of Irish Music, and nofriend need fear to boast of it. It is without a rival.Its antique war-tunes, such as those of OByrne, ODon-nell, MacAlistrum and Brian Boru, stream and crashupon the ear like the warriors of a hundred glens meet-ing; and you are borne with them to battle, and theyand you charge and struggle amid cries and battle-axesand stinging arrows. Did ever a wail make mansmarrow quiver and fill his nostrils with the breath ofthe grave, like the 4ulu of the North or the wirrasilirue[ A Thui ie ir cruA ] of Munster?In ancient Ireland the systems of law, medicine,poetry, and music, according to Keating, were set tomusic, being poetical compositions. Vallancey tells usthat the bards, specially selected from amongst nobleyouths of conspicuous stature and beauty, had a dis-
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Grattan Flood, Wm. H.
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music

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