Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5

Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 5
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Browne and Nolan Ltd, Dublin 1913
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music
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X PREFACEof Stanbrook, Mr. Di x, Father G. ONeill, S.J., andothers helped me in many ways.I must especially thank Father Maurus, Prior ofMount Melleray, for his kindness in reading throughthe proofs, and supplying many valuable suggestions.His unrivalled knowledge of Irish was ever at myservice in the case of archaic Irish names of songs,dance-tunes, etc., some of which proved a stumbling-block to OCurry and Hardiman.Above all, I must thank my subscriberswhosenames will be found at the end of this volumefortheir material support in the expense of publication.In conclusion, it is my earnest wish that the resultof my labours will prove, in the words of OHeerin,an addition of knowledge on holy Ireland.ENNISCORTHY,November 1st, 1904.WM. H. GRATTAN FLOOD.PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITIONI GLADLY take the opportunity of a second edition tomake numerous corrigenda, and also to utilise somemusical data (furnished by Dr. Watson, Mr. W. J.Lawrence, and other kind friends) which only came tohand since the publication of the work. The almostuniversal chorus of approval from home and foreignjournals, and the numerous congratulatory lettersreceived from competent critics, fully justify the appear-ance of a long looked-for volume. It is satisfactory tolearn that the first edition was exhausted within threemonths, and this is all the more remarkable, as Ihad been warned that books relating to Ireland do notsell. Apart from the wider circulation which a secondedition will ensure, I feel flattered that my labours inthe cause of Irish music have elicited such friendlyrecognition on all sides.W.H.G.F.February, 1906.
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Grattan Flood, Wm. H.
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music

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