Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 3

Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 3
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Browne and Nolan Ltd, Dublin 1913
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music
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PREFACEALTHOUGH Erin is symbolical of Minstrelsy there hasnever yet appeared anything like a trustworthy Historyof Music in Irelandthat is to say, of genuine Celtic-Irish and Anglo-Irish Music. We have absolutely nocompact record of the divine art, wherein the Celtsof Ireland pre-eminently excelled, or of its professorsand exponents during sixteen hundred years of authentichistory.Innumerable magazine articles, and references to theland of song have been published during the pastcentury, but to the serious student of Irish music nostandard work was at all available. True it is, no doubt 1that the sources of information may almost be regardedas an embarras des richesses, yet these are so scattered,and im some cases so difficult of access, that the taskof wading through such voluminous material would beno light one.Hitherto the principal authorities on the subject havbeen Walker, Bunting, Hardiman, Petrie, Beauford 1Drunmiond, Renehan, Pilkington,, 0 Curry, and Conran;whilst some little information is to be met with passimin Rimbault, Chappell, Burney, Hawkins, Crotch, BusbyRockstro, Davey, Moore, Hudson, ODaly, Joyce,
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Grattan Flood, Wm. H.
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Grattan Flood - A History of Irish Music

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