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Tunes for Garech – Sat 14th July

Anne-Marie Bell
Tunes for Garech – Sat 14th July


On Saturday 14th July, between 2pm and 5pm, a ‘Tunes for Garech’ event will take place in Farmleigh, as part of the Exhibition Support Programme for the current Anthony Palliser portrait exhibition. Anthony and Garech were longtime friends and it was through the latter that the former met and painted many Irish cultural icons, including the musicians Paddy Moloney, Siobhán Armstrong, Ronan Browne and Bill Whelan.
The afternoon is structured to be an open invitation to any singer or player who would like to come and pay a personal musical tribute to Garech for his contribution to the development of the Irish musical tradition. It is intended to be a very loose and open affair. We are hoping that a core of traditional players from the city’s regular sessions might like to attend, but any performer of any age or skill level is welcome, especially if they end up having the opportunity of sitting in with other more seasoned musicians.