Scáthanna (CD)

Scáthanna – Fíona Nic Conmara & Tim Doyle

Track List “Scathanna”

  1. Cathal McConnell’s/The Night Before Poor Larry was Stretched/The Swaggering Jig (Slip Jigs)
  2. The Bag of Spuds/The Galway Rambler/The House of Hamil (Reels)
  3. Thomond Bridge/Byrne’s/Dance of the Honeybees (Hornpipes)
  4. Amhran na Leabhar (Slow Air)/Gallagher’s (Double Jig) solo Tim Doyle (Uilleann Pipes)
  5. John Kelly’s/The Oakum/Didn’t she Dance and Dance/The Scartaglen (Slides)
  6. The Foggy Dew (arr.)/Lad O’Beirne’s/King of the Clans (Reels)
  7. The Coming of Spring/The Knocknagow (Double Jigs)
  8. Sean Ryan’s No.10/The Starry Lane to Monaghan (Hornpipe/Reel) solo Fiona NicConmara
  9. The Hunt/The Foxchase (Set Dance/Hop Jig)
  10. McNamara’s/Batt Henry’s (Barndances)
  11. 13 Munroe Avenue (comp. Tim Doyle)/Francis Aucoin/Rumours of a Dart (Double Jigs)
  12. O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music/Farwell to Miltown Malbay/M and M (O’Carolan/Reels)

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