Piper s Dream, A

Brian McNamara – A Piper’s Dream

1. The Newport Lasses/The Gander in the Pratie Hole/When Sick is it Tea you want? (Jigs)
2. An tSean Bhean Bhocht/The Tailor’s Twist (Hornpipes)
3. The Old Bush/Jenny’s Wedding (Reel)
4. Seán Bui/Tap The Barrell/Beary’s Jig/Haul Her Across the Road (Jigs)
5. Ní ar Chnoc ná ar ísleacht (Air)
6. The Beauties of Ireland/Under the Willows she is Sleeping/The Old Figaree (Jigs)
7. Colonel Frazer/My Love is in America (Reel)
8. Stoney Batter/The Templehouse/Grier’s #37 (Single Jigs)
9. An Bonnán Buí (Air)
10. Satin Slipper/Our House at Home/Jacksons Hi Ho (Reels)
11. The Groves (Hornpipe)
12. The Braes of Busby/Sean Reid’s Favourite (Reels)
13. Gusty’s Frolics (Slip Jig)
14. Loch na gCaor (Air)
15. My Fromer Wife/Seargeant Early’s Jig (Jigs)
16. The Torn Jacket/My Love is Fair and Handsome Sporting Kate (Reels)
17.The Morning Thrush (Reel)

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