Dance Music of Seamus Ennis

NPU Patron and Board member Pat Mitchell has been researching the repertoire and style of outstanding pipers for the last 40 years. His study of Willie Clancy’s piping, The Dance Music of Willie Clancy, was published in 1977, to be followed in 1985 with The Piping of Patsy Touhey (co-written with Jackie Small).

He has now completed his third major study with The Dance Music of Séamus Ennis.
This work consists of detailed transcriptions, from both commercial and private recordings, of 179 items from Ennis’s repertoire of dance music. These include all the types of dance music that Ennis played, with tunes transcribed from his piping and whistle playing. In the case of the piping items the music is transcribed to a very fine level of detail, with every cut, cran, grace note or other decoration (as well as the regulator parts) indicated. Pat’s transcriptions also reveal the fine texture, as he calls it, of Ennis’s playing – the barely perceptible artefacts that combine to make this piping so recognisable; that create the ‘Ennis sound’.

Along with all the transcriptions there is an outline version of each tune in simple notation, which will facilitate those who want to acquire the tunes quickly. However Pat points out that this is not a tunebook, but a detailed analysis of the playing of one of our most iconic pipers, and should be used in conjunction with the recordings to understand his style.

An introductory section includes biographical details, the historical piping context, the structure and musical potential of the uilleann pipes, a guide to the principal elements of Ennis’s piping and an analysis of the techniques that go to make up his unique style.

The book is published in hardcover only, B4 size, and contains 480 pages

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