Bakers Well

Sean Potts – Whistle

Sean óg Potts – Uilleann Pipes

Various artists

  1. Air: Cailíní an Fhactory
  2. Jigs: Delia Keane’s/Frehan’s/The Mouse in the Cupboard
  3. Reels: Paddy’strip to Scotland/TheWild Irishman
  4. Reels: Sarah Hobb’s/Farewell to Éireann
  5. Marches:Hunt the Squirrel/The Drocketty March
  6. Air/Reels: On Western Shoes
  7. Polkas: Two Kerry Polkas
  8. Carolan Piece: Madam Maxwell
  9. Reels: East Clare/The Pullet/The Union Reels
  10. Hornpipes: John Egan’s/George Rowley’s Blackbird
  11. Reels: Molly Bán/Quinn’s
  12. Slides: Two Kerry Slides

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