Australian Waters (CD)

Australian Waters – Matthew Horsley

1.Jig – The Rolling Wave 04:09

2.Reels – The Porthole Of The Kelp/The West Clare Railway/The East Clare Reel 04:11

3.Slow Air – The Bright Lady 03:49

4.Marches – The Centenary March/The Ballydesmond March 04:03

5.Slip Jig/Jig/Fling- Terry Heigh Ho The Grinder/Elizabeth Kelly’s Jig/The Fowler On The Moor 03:46

6.Hornpipe – The Bantry Hornpipe 03:51

7.Slow Air – Tuireamh Mhic Fhinín Dhuibh 04:01

8.Waltz – Annie Shaw’s Waltz 02:32

9.Reels – The Beauty Spot/The Cat That Ate The Candle 03:09

10.Slow Air – The Green Fields Of Canada03:14

11.Hornpipe – The Loughside Hornpipe01:24

12.Jigs – The Hag In The Blanket/Australian Waters/The Top Of Cork Road 05:38

13.Slow Air – Slán Le Máigh 02:52

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