O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 12

O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 12
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periodical Publisher
Regan Publishing, Chicago
periodical Editor
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
periodical Title
O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland
volume Number
issue Content
12NAMEUCLASSiFIEDINDEXREELSContinued.NUMBER NAME NUMBER NAME\Vexford lasses 634\Vhistling barber see 627Wide awake see r,soWild Irishman 7$()William Whites reel 740Wind that shakes the barley 737Winter apples 732\Vithin a mile of Clonbur 672.Within a mile of Dublin 730Woman of the house 565HORNPIPES.AAlways welcome 927Autumn woods 900BBack of the haggard 918Ballincollig in the morning 890Ballyhaunis ... Se C 883Banks of the lIen 837Tlantry Bay $23Bantry hornpipe 937Beside a rath 943Biddy Early 946Big Dan OMaho.y 832Bill Blacks hornpipe 886Bonapartes defeat 902Boys from Seart 824Bo s of Ballvsimon 839Boys of Bluehill 898Byrnes hornpipe 865CCaroline ONeills hornpipe 938Chief ONeills favorite 806Cincinnati hornpipe see $47Clarks hornpipe r 879(bone hornpipe 808Clover blossom 869Coliseum hornpipe see 99$College hornpipe see 915Come down and let nie in sec 821Coming from the wedding 854Cooneys hornpipe 916Cork hornpipe See 847Corney Drews hornpipe 903Gronins rambles 855Cuckoos nest 913DDelaneys favorite see 923Devil among the tailors see 815Devils dream 815Dick Sands hornpipe 953Douglas favorite see 919Drunken sailor 948Dunphys liornpipe 810Dnrangs hornpipe 936Early in the morning 884Echo hornpipe 848Egg hornpipe see 825.Evening was waning see 858FFair and forty 840Fairies hornpipe 906Fair maidens 857Fancy fair 922Fath r Dollards hornpipe 881Fiddlers contest 901First day of Spring see 905First of June 844First of May 899Fishers hornpipe 825Flowers of Donnybrook sei 920G(laltce mountain 930(ial,way Bay 853Gillespies hornpipe 917Girl of the golden tresses see 944Glasgow hornpipe $70Glengariff hornpipe 851Golden vale 873Great Eastern see 852Great Western see 852Green banner 872(lrecncastle hornpip 807Groves hornpipe 843Gypsy horupipe 866HHandsome plowboy 907Handorgan hornpipe see 869llarlequin hornpipe see 869Harvest home 847Hawks hornpipe 926Heather glen 819Ilennessys hornpipe 813Slicks hornippe 822higgins hornpipe 914Hillside cottage 818honeysuckle, the $74Horse and jockey 941Humors of Ballinlass 942humors of flallyconjwll 883Humors of Castle Bernard 935Hunters hornpipe 905JJacks the lad 915Taeky tar see 913,Jerry Dalys hornpipe 836Jim Boultons fancy 928,Tohn Careys daughter 929John Doe sec 896Julias wedding 885KKildare fancy 809Kilfinane hornpipe 932Kilkenny hornpipe 835Kiss me, Joe sec 885Kit OMahonys hornpipe 83$Kittys wedding 846LLakeside road 897Last of the twins 845Limerick hornpipe see 807Limerick Junction 820Little Mary Cassidy see 858Little stack of barley 858Liverpool hornpipe 816Londonderry hornpipe 925NAME NUMBE1 (MMadam if you please 944Man from Newry 010May day see 834Men from Mallow 830Miss Browns fancy 829Miss Flynn see 821Mountain hornpipe see 919Mountains of Kerry 919Mower, the see 913Mullingar races 834Murphys hornpipe 856Murrays liornpipe $49My lovc was once a bonnie lad sec 920McMcCarthys hornpipe 831McDermotts hornpipe 850New Century 939Night we made the match 8630OConnors fancy 876OConnors favorite 904ODonnells liornpipe 889ODonovans hornpipe 893ODwyers hornpipe 842Off to California 859Old Man Quinn $71Old storyteller 024Old vest and cravat 896PPaddy Mack 951Patrick Condons vision sec 858Peacemaker, the 880Pet of the house 90$Pewter mug see 817Pleasures of home 954Pleasures of hope 864Poor old woman see 836QQuarrelsome piper 814Queen of May 909RRedhaired boy 921Reynard the fox see 905Ricks lambles 940Rights of man 811Rogers ONeill 862Roger was a plowboy 931Rossaviel see 0SSailors hornpipe, No. 1 826Sailors hornpipe, No, 2 827Saults own hornpipe 877Scholar, the 867Sea captain 882tnfortunate cup of ten see 792Vpstairs in a tent e 606wWalker street see 719Watchmaker 755Wedding, the 597Welcome home 722Western lasses 765YNUMBERYtllowhaired laddie sec 767Young Arthur Daly 639Youngest daughter 491Youre right say love we 652Your mothers fair pet 615You rogue you darnt meddle me ... 632NUMBER NAME NUMBERFlowers of Edinburgh 920Flowers of Spring 84Friendly visit 894
issue Number
page Number
periodical Author
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland

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