O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 11

O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 11
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periodical Publisher
Regan Publishing, Chicago
periodical Editor
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
periodical Title
O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland
volume Number
issue Content
CLASSIFIED INDEXREELSContinued.11NAME NUMBERLightning flash 689Limerick lasses 684Limestone rock see 688Linen cap 723Little Katie Kearney 753Little Peggy see 649London lasses 546Long chase see 683Long hills of Mourne ste 477Long Island reel see 481Long strand 79 4Lord Gordons reel 670Lord McDonalds reel 49Lough Allen 582Lovely Molly 563Lower Ormnnd c 796Lowlands of Scotland see 561MMacroom lasses 496Magic slipper see 497Magpies nest 618Maid at the churn 693Maid I neer forgot 790Maid in the cherry tree 754Maid of Athione 708Maid of Feak le 775Maids of Kilmalloek 778Maids of Mit chellstown 650Maids of Tulla 783Maid that dare not tell 647Maimnas pet Sec 591Man of the honse 642Mary Grace 526Mary ONeills fancy 556Masons auron 598Masons cap see 598Maude Miller 480Maureen playboy see i86Manriee Caseys fancy 658Mayor TIarrisons fedori 799Merry ldaeksnnth 728Merry days of Easter 470Merry barriers 594.Mcrry sisters 535Messenger. the 506Mickey hy the fireside 680Millers daughter 553Millers frolics scr 803Millers maid 523Milliners daughter 460Mills are grinding 627Millstream, the sec 532Mind lily brother e 622Mis Brady see 660Miss Corhett see 484Miss Crawford 474Mi s Falicys fancy 800Miss Gardner see 761Miss Gunnings fancy see 724Miss ,John ons reel 626Miss McDonald 486Miss McLeods reel 655Miss Monaghan 575Miss Rodens reel see 587Miss Thorntons reel 534Miss Wallace 685Molly McCarthy 726Molly Mitroire 5 e 514Molly put the kettle on 616Molly what ails yon 652Money Musk, Irish style 614Mooneoin reel 668More luck to ns .....,.............,564More power to yonr elbow 705Morning star 475Mother Carey sec 505Mountain lark 516Mountain lark see 517Mountain rose 763Mourne mountains 477Moving bog see 113Mrs. Delaney 798NAME NUMBERMullingar races 750Murtough Molloy 741Musical priest 549Music in the glen 462Mv honey in the house 715My love is fair and handeome 497My love is far away 729My love is in America 586My love is in the house set 715My love is tin the ocean see 619My Maryanue 471My sweetheart Jane 7 60MeMcFaddens favorite 716McFaddens handsome daughter 554McFad hens mishap 637McFaddens own reel 558McLeans favorite 579NNehly ODonovan 638New den iesne 484New maileoach 489New policeman 511New road 523Northern lasses 7470OConnells welcome to (hare see 795ODwyers reel 552Old bog ground 771Old grey gander 61$)Old maids of Galway 654Old Molly Ahern e 766Old pensioner 577Old schoolmaster 678On the river bank 702On the sly 639OReilly greyhound 712Outdoor relief ste 712Over the bridge to Peggy 508Over the. moor to Maggie 786pPaddy Bolsters reel see 511Paddy McFadden see 497Paddy Murphys wife 744Paddy on the railroad see 728Paddy on the turnpike see 768Paddy Ryans dream 461laddys surprise 755Parnellk reel se 767Patha gal do vaher se 615Pat the fowlerPat Tuohvs reel 595Pay the tr,vl her fourpenee 804Peelers ca 1 ste 463Peelers jacket 463Peggy is your bead sit k t see 477Peggy on the settle 513Perth hunt see 51.1Peter Kennedys fancy 543Peter Street 803Pick your partner 635Pigeon on the gate 643Pipers despair 769Pipers lass see 766Pipers son 738Plaid mantle 663Pretty Pegg 704Pride of the ball see 556Primrose lacs . 733Pure drop see 557lnrty Molly Brallaghau Ste 520Push ebout the Jorum 6570Queens shilling 752NAME NUMBERRThanihier in Cork 777Rauihlers rest see 606Eaki.h Paddy 749Ilathkeale limit ste 766Reconciliation, the 524Reel of lhogie 683Reel of Mullinavat 578Repeal of th Union 459Eisin sun 608Itoh her on tile utountani 572Rolling down the Ii ill 727Rolling on the ryegrass 766Bouncys reel sec 791Rite, in the gtnde 576Ttnwan tree se 499SSailors cravat 681Sailors jacket 621Sailors return 625Sailor set on shore see 625SaInnanea reel 603Saute old story 756Scolding uift 667Sent cli Mary 729Second wedding 677Sergt. Earlys dream 656Shannon htreeze see 766Shiaskeeu i e el 802Shearing the shet p 734Sheehans reel 490SIn s lne sailing 532Shuffle reel see 624Silver tip 464Skidteretu hisses 698Sleepy Maggie 661Shi go chorus 541Shigtt kie es 636Smoky house 725Snow on tit hills 569Spinning wheel 479Slirvans fancy see 593Sp urt lug buy. e 521Spout e 551Star of Rilikenny . . 604Star of Minister . . . 495Steam paeke 517Steepl . chase . rc 536Straulsrry leSs see 560St rawhteiri Idossuon nonSwallows tall 536Sweet Biddy of lhaflyyourney 566PTadys watele 103 (ike her out and air her e 532Ta kt your choice 466I.dce your hand away se 556Tear the eulieo 525Teetotalers fancy 795Tuniiteraneu reel 9 cs 795Tetnple mise 505Terenees rtnahle set 466Thiegeeu a variga Ste 690Tho mas a cartha se 514Thompsons reel 593Threepeunv bit ..... 619Tie tIme h-atnet 606Tie the rihi ens 607Tim the markLtm in .......... 690rimotmr the Tartar see 803Tinkers re S ....... . 7 ?Tit for tat . 6 8Toni Stee le 539Tom rIte hlaek mith . see 514Toss the feather 502Traveller, the 719Touch me if you darn 631Trim the velvet . . . . .. . , ,, 581Turkeys in the straw 739Twin brothers rel . see 51Twin Katys resh ......,....... . . 5cc 483
issue Number
page Number
periodical Author
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland

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