O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 10

O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 10
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periodical Publisher
Regan Publishing, Chicago
periodical Editor
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
periodical Title
O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland
volume Number
issue Content
10CLASSIFIED INDEXREELS Continued.NAME NUMBERBanks of Avonmore see 468Bantry lasses 469Bashful bachelor see 713Beamishs goat 589Belfast lasses 629Belles of ()niagh 475Belles of Tipperary . see 575Bill Claneys delight 696Bird in the (age see 546Birds in the hushes see 495Blackberry blossom 569Blaekeyed sailor see 490Blaekhaired lass 585Blaekwater, tIcs see 468Bloom of youth 492Boil the beefsteak early 789Bonnie boy 175Bonnis Kate 545Ilox about Dii firepla ce see 582Boy in the boat e 532Boyne hunt 514Boys of Ballineballa 503Boys of ( 1 appoqain il7Boys of Galway 596Boys of Limerick cc 545Boys of Porteferry 521Bright star of Munster see 495Broken pledge 45$Buckleys fancy 487Bucks of (iranmore 476Bunch of green rushes . 47$Bunker hill 747Bush in bloom 515CCahills courtship 567Callan lasses 717Cameronian reel 731Captain Byng 736Capt. Kellys reel 5 8 5Captain ONeill 499Captain Rock 781Casey the whistler 590CaThmere shawl 599Cat that ate the sideeonib e 443Charming Molly Brallaghan see 513Cliarnis of niusi see 499Chicago reel 97Chorus reel 500Christening, the 551Claneys fancy reel $01Clarksons reel 74$(lock in the steeple 592Clonmel hisses 51 C 571College, grove 485Colliers reel 6(6Colonel Fraser 520Colonel MeBain 645Colonel Rodney 531Comely ,Jane fowling 692(onto to our Lay sec 621Conic west along the road 793Conung over the hills 682Coming through the fields see 531( orning Ir ma the racesConoaeht lasses see 575Conr.aeht ranger e 573Considines grove 660Contradict ion reel 724Cooleen bridge 740Corkonian, th see 725(orney is coming 769Corporal Casy see 767Country girls fortun . see 54$Court her along the road see 7Sf)(nirting them all 713(r:ngs reel 484Cronins favorite see 76$Cunninghams fancy 555Cup of tea 792Curragh races 544DNAME NUMBERDancers delight 580Dandy apron see 586Ban McCarthys fsney 54$Day we paid the rent 507Dillon Browi 527Dillons fancy 540Diversion everywhere see 679Dogs among the hus hes 542Donegal boys ste 497Dont bother ace see 713Dooleys fancy 676I )ouse (i ce monkey se 587Downings reel 591Down with the mail se 696Doctor Taylor 613Drngheda lasses 557Drowsy Maggie 662Dr inumonsl lasses 673Dublin lases 587Dublin reel (i24Doffs the dancer 721Duke of Gordons favorite ice 670Dunnigans reel see 489EEdenlerry reel 770Enterprising boxer . 655Erins hope 651Evergreen, the cc 505Ewe reel 504Ewe with the crooked horn se 768FFairhaired Mary 703Fairies are dancing ste 679Farewell to Erin . . 701Farewell to ireland 805Far fro m home 530F rnioy lieses 573Field of oats 742First month of summer 491First of March 611Fiveleaved clover . sinFive no Ic chase 767Five miles away 671Flannel jacket sic 463Flax in bloom 633Flogging reel 4 2Flits er of the flock 512Flowers of Limerick 7 113Flowers of Michigan e 510Flocs lug l,owl 562Follow me down 547Four courts, No, I 640Four courts. No. 2 641Fourhand reel 767Fourpennv bit 757G(iaelie revival 784(lalwav reel 5c c 732(lay fellows favorite 6e6Girl funu the enontm V e 791lirl who hr,ike nit bent 456( I irIs who will fake him 5 695Girl with the laughing eyes 745(live us amu tb er 746Cluing to the fair 466boil morning to your mc igict c,sp 710Green branch 529Greic fl ids of Amen, a 513Gr.sn fields of Treland sec 590Green groves of Erin 666liven garters 706inc en gates 764iren jacket 14Green niountain 481h ey Plover 7 59(iuager, the see 517HNAME NUMBERhappy days of youth 574lItres foot se 561harvest field 665heather breeze 779ilihernias pride &e 463highway to Limerick 644lliglnvay to T 2 inf on see 605Ilol awake see 453honeymoon reel 79 ]htornless cow 64611 0w the money goes 620humors of Tiallluacarrig i 16 1ltnncors of Mackin 573lfnn iors scf Newcastle 743humors of Searriff 776Humors of Sehnll 699Humors of \V fpor( 457Humphreys ree cc 52-iII have iso money 610ike Forresters reel see 728Im ready now see 615Im waiting for you 711I sat ivithin the valley green e 737I wi,h I never had ccii von see 497Ivy leaf, the 629Ilack Dolais 612Lick I.atin 537Jenny Nestles fancy see 583Jenny piekhig eoekles 602Jenny Pippinlennys wedding 707Jennys welcome to ( harley 687Jerry Hayes 628.Iim Kenneths favorite ,,,,,,,,,,,,,561, linc Moores fancy 510,Joo taats reel 568Johnny Allens reel 774Johnny his gone to France 674Johnny Beily see 631John ONeill , re !.Iuhnnvs welding 493,Jolmsivs welcome I i inie ,,.......,,, 401Johnny svitlc the queer fl ung ......., 559Jolly clam-diggers sec 608Jolly seven ...............,,..,,,., 697,Jcdflc tinker ...,........,.....,,,,,, 751.lolly weavers .,........,.........sce 690.(muily llrannagan 513Judy reel see 481Jug of punch 758Julia Delaney .,....,..,,,......... 613KKate Kellys fancy ........,....,,, 483Keeper lull 709Tceriy star ..............,,...,..see 575Kilkenny boys sec 752King of the clans .................. 788Kiss lao Kate .,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (169Kiss the bride .....,..,,,,,,,,,,,,. 720Kiss the maid behind the barrel 571Kiss your partner ......,....,..... 761Kitty Clover ................,..sce 518Kitty got a clinking, etc.,,,,,,,. C95Kitty in the lane ,.........,.,..,,, 796Kitty Lostys reel ....,,..,.,,,,,,,, 494Kittys wishes ............ , ,. ..sec 495LLadies of Leinster ,..,.,,,,,,,,,,, 691Ladies pantaletf,s .........,.,...,,509Lady behind the boat .. .....,.,.... 630Lady Mary Ramsey ....,...,,.,.see 752Last house in (onnaeht .,......... see 517Last nights work sic 587Last word see 667Lawsons favorite ....,..,,,,,,,,,,, 570Leave my way .....,,..,,,,,,,,, 472Leitrim thrush ...,......,,,,,,,,, 584Life of man .,....,.,....,,,,.,, see 760Daisy Field ............,.,..,., 538Hag by the fire .,,,.,,,,,.,.,,,.,,, 773l lapenny reel . ....,,.,,,,,,,,,see 791
issue Number
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periodical Author
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland

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