O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 8

O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 8
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periodical Publisher
Regan Publishing, Chicago
periodical Editor
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
periodical Title
O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland
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(- I5CLASSIFIED INDEXDOUBLE JIGSContinued.NAME NUMBEROn St. Patricks day I was gay . . see 2600! pleasant was the moon see 30Origin of Irel and see 202OSliannahans rambles sec 139O Sullivans march StOur own little ile 96Out on the ocean 68Out with the boys 45Over the usllows see 278Oweii Malone 176pPaddy digging for goold see 148Paddy front Portlaw 47Padoy go easy 298Paddy in London 2501.stlily OCarroll 202Paddy t)Flynn see 210Paddy ORafferty 178Paddys resource . 212Paddys trip front Dublin see 188Paddys whiskers 259Paddy Whack 43Palm Sunday 93Parish girl see 291Paudeen ORafferty see 178Pet of the pipers 5CC 82Petticoat loose 90Phelim ONeill see 299Philip ONeill 69Pipe on the hob 9Pipers picnic 2Pipers welcome 320Planting atick see 221PortpatrickPotatoes and butter e 200Powers of pnneh 352Powers of whiskey see 148Praties are dug see 313Pretty brown girl 151Priest and his boots 185Priest avourneen see 115Priests leap 59Priest with the collar see 299Punch tor the ladies see 1Queen of the fairQ330RRaces at Carrick 99Rakes of Clonmel 149Rakes of Kildare 108Rambler from Clare 223Rambles of Kitty sec 5Ranting rake 303Redhaired hag 157Red rose 31.5Red stockings see 59Rivals, the 294Road to Lurgan 94Rollicking Irishman see 244NAME NUMBERTory OMoore 116Royal Irish jig see 254Ruins of Kilniallock 242Runaway bride 171Rural felicity see 203SSaddle the pony ,18Sally Macce 314Scatter the niud 187Sergt Earlys jig 25Sergt. Stacks favorite 241Shandon hells 1Shaun gins see 102Sheelah in sorrow sec 299Shee lah OShiaanou see 7Sheep on the mountains 95Shes the girl that can do it see 200Shins around the fireside sce 19Short grass 197Silken wallet 140Skiver the quilt see 100Snug in the blanket 135Sod of turf 161spirits of whiskey see 189Nporting bachelor IllSpotted cow 199Sprightly widow 5cr 293Stagger the buck 115Stay where you are 327Stolen purse 344Stop you rogue see 299Straw seat 97Strike the gay harp see 256Strop the razor 1st setting 285Strop the razor 2nd setting 286Sunny Dan see 200Swallows nest see 183Sweet Biddy Daly 278TTady you gander sec 200Tailors thimble 91Tailors wedding 109Take a kiss or let it alone see 149Take it easy 282Tatter Jack Walsh see 136Tell her I am 37iemplehousc jig 41Tenpenny bit 162There are sounds of mirth see 188There came a young man see 142Thief of Lough Erne 186This life is all checkered see .302Three halfpence a day 364Three Jittle drummers 189Tim Hogans jig 226Tim the piper see 19Tis a bit of a thing see 302Tis sweet to think see 200NAME NUMBERrobins favorite 52To (ashel Im going see 136To drink with the devil see 244Toni Liiiton sec 302-Tongs by the the 185Top of Cork road 244Trample our enemies sec 244Tumbling down Tadys acre s e 341Twin sisters see 148Twopcmiy jig 265UUnfortunate rake see 32Up and away see 207VVery poor pay see 364Victors return 137wWalk out of it, Hogan 274Wallet of silk see 140Wallop the potlid 258Wallop the spot 281Walls of Enniscorthy see 72Walls of Liscarroll 8Wasnt she fond of me 9 125Wearied lad see 191Wee, wee man see 32Welcome, the see 34Welcome to Cork - - 30Well all take a coach and trip itaway se 214Wellingtons advance 84What sounds can comyare 302Wheels of the world 54When historys muse see 43When I was a young man see 118When sick is it tea you want 16Wheii you go home 334Whoop! do me no harm see 43Widow Brady 31Widows curse see 44Will you come home with me 9 104WilW Walshs jig 88Wink of her eye see 262Wise Nora 126Woeful Widow 307Woodcock, the 193YYellow flail 4Yellow ragweed see 191Yellow w .ttle 353Yesterday morning 523Yorkshire lasses see 244You may talk as you please see 200You never did hear see 80Francis Mooney 123Young Tim Murphy . 134Youarr Tom Eunis 153Youre welcome to Waterford see 295SINGLE JIGS.NAMEABBarrack hill 410Beauties of Ireland 384Boher o husid see 396Behind the bush in the garden 398Bolt the door 366Bonnie Highlander see 371Bucks of Westmeath 383BBneh of currants see 404Bunch of roses 390CDDance light for my heart lies underyour feet see 382Dan Rogers iig 370Donogh O Sullivans reply see 304EEllis jig 3870NAME NUMBERGet up old woman and shake yourself. 394Good night 405Growling old woman see 394HHuish the cat 382Humors of Ballinafauna 391Humors of Cast lcoliver 401Humors of Limerick 378IIm a silly old man 404Irish whim e 394I sat in the valley green see 308Is it the priest you want? 376Ive got one daughter to marry see 404NUMBER NAME NUMBERCapt. Thorntons delight see 394A morning in summer 403 Carbrays frolics 407Ask my father 367 Child of niy heart 395Christmas conies but once a year.. see 404Come in from the rain 397Conor OSullivans vision see 394Cahills workshop 408Get up early 369
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periodical Author
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland

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