O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7

O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland, Volume 1, Issue 1, Page 7
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periodical Publisher
Regan Publishing, Chicago
periodical Editor
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
periodical Title
O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland
volume Number
issue Content
7CLASSIFIED INDEXDOUBLE JIGSContinued.NAME NUMBERGallowglas.s, the 236(lalwav Tom 34Gathering dillisk see 218Geese in the bogs 279Gillan?s apples 287Girl I love see 269Girls of Banhridgc 83Girls of the west see 200Glcnaarit l see 51Glans of Mayo 270Gobbv, 0 105God bless the grey mountain see 302Gold rin 12Going to Donnybrook 280Gollahers frolics see 222Good-bye to my troubles sec 184Good omens sec 116Go to the devil and shake yourself 3 8Grandfathers pet 124Green meadow 266Green sleeves 209Groves of sweet myrtle sec 316Grumbling rustle SOGudgeon of Maurice s ear 288Guirys favorite 10HF lag and her praskeen see 304Hag in the blanket see 138Hag with the money 21handy with the stick 143happy to meet and sorry to part iSFlare in the corn, No. 1 49Here in the corn, No. 2 see 254Tlarp that in darkness see 43Hartigans fancy 3Haste to the wedding 203Have a drink with me 20Hibernian jig 357Hide and go seek 119highlander 117Highway to Dublin 35hills of Glenorchy see 871-hineheys delight 215His home and his country see 295Hollyford jig 362ITooly end fairly see 130House on the corner see 254house in the glen 144How arc you, Kitty? 139ITow much has she got 9 293Humors of Ahheyfcale see 67humors of Ayle house 261himnors of Balliugarry 92humors of Ballydehob 289Humors of Ballycast lc 81Hinnors of Bantry 13Humors of (appa 56Humors of Castlecomer 301hhmncrs of Castle Lyons 182humors of Cavan 263bTumors of Glare 329Tumors of Dingle 253hTuuiors of Donnybrook see 238Humors of Donnybrook fair see 302Rumors of Drinagh 235Humors of Dnegh see 189Humors of Glendart 19Humors of Glyun 316hr iuiors of Milltown see 304Hu mors of Mullinafaunt 106humors of Tralibaae 66Humors of Trim 174Ilumors of whisker 61Hushed be sorrows sigh see 126II buried my wife see 260Idle road 101I do not incline 179If I had in the clear see 257I gave to my Nelly see 200I know not whether to laugh or ery.see 295NAME NUMBERI know what you like 22Ill follow you my dear see 116ill leave the country see 269Ill neither spin nor weave 271Ill tell my mamumy sec 219Inishowen see 302In sweet Tipperary see 7Irish lady see 302Irish lass see 302Irishmans heart to the ladies see 278Irish washerwoman see 317hri h whiskey see 45Irishwonman 317I will if I can 207I would not give nay Irish wife see 295JJack of all trades 166Jacksons bottle of brandy 145Jacksons cravat 147Jacksonb delight sec 317Jacksons fancy 152Jacksons frieze coat 27Jacksons jug of punch see 145Jaeksons maid 272Jacksons morning brush 146.Jacksons rambks . 155Jaccksons rolling jig 170Jefferson and liberty see 105Terrys heaver hat 40Jinimy OJlricns jig 206Joe Kennedys jig Sec 300Johnny is so long at the fair see 120Jolumny McGill c 302Tohnny the jumper 297Johu Whites mother 65Jolly (orkonian 87Jolly joker 229Jolly old man 112Joy of my life 19Joys of wedlock see 225.Julia McMahon 76KKaties fancy 46Kennedys jig see 300Killinane jig 273Killashandra lasses 133Kinncgad slashers 148Kissing and drinking see 188Kit OMahony jig 234Kitty come over 55Kitty of Ballinamorc see 136Kitty of Onlart 284Kittys rambles 5Kneebuckle jig 160LLaccaruc boys 239Ladies of Carriek 164Ladies triumph see 5Lads of Dunsc 354Lads on the mountain see 8Land of potatoes see 257Land of sweet Erin see 143Land of the west sec 207h.amugans ball 118E,ark in the morning 240Larry Grogan 132Larry OGaff 128Larry OLashcm see 188Lasses of Dunsc 355Lesbia bath a beaming eye see 126Let brainspinnimig swains see 203Letit cc so 196Limerick tinker 191Little bench of rushes see 302JAttle bogtrotter see 209Little Fannys fancy see 3Little house around the corner. .. . see 254Little house in the glen see 144NAME NUMBERLittle house under the hill 204Lock the door 208Long Johns wedding 233Lnckpenny, the 290MMaid at the well 24Maids of Ballinaearty 332Maid of Kinsals 347Maid on the green 114Malowncys wife 11Man in the moon 311Man who died and rose again . 283Market girl 360Market town 181Martins one-horned cow 325Mary of Castle (ary see 239May he I will 359Merry maiden 267Merry Mary 365Merry huntsmnan 318Merry nid woolen 72Michael Malloy see 302Miller of Gianmirc 48Miners of Wicklow 210Miss Blairs fancy 168Miss Douglas 346Miss Downings fancy 333Miss Grants jig 349Miss Monroes jig 198Miss Walshs fancy 328Miss Wiseumans fancy 208Mist of Clonmuel see 313Mixing the punch 230Monaghan jig 245Money in both pockets 35Mocneoin jig 246Morgan Rattler 257Mountain boy 38Mountaineers march 243Move up to me 42Mug of brown ale see 75Mnnstcr bacon 340Mmumstcr buttermilk see 141My brother Tom 211My darling asleep 159My former wife 110My mountain home see 146My nanic it is Nell see 44NNancy hlvoes 150Nature and Melody see 302Nell Flahcrtys drake 44Nell Kennedy 363New lesson see 341New married topule 225Nightcap, the 23Night dance 256Night of the fun see 114Nora Chreena see 120Norah jig see 12600, an Irishmans heart see 1480, as I was kissed yestreen see 254)ff to the lumat 14OGallaghers frolics 222Oh! haff you have killed me 321Oh! Irishmen never forget see 96Old a the hith 232O d grey goose 214Old hocncd sheep 238Ohlistrum jig 326Old mum Dillon 75Old niaus delight 85OMahonvs frolics 1900! merr am I see 148On a Monday morning see 313One bottle omore see 75One-horned cow 277
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page Number
periodical Author
O'Neill, Capt. Francis
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O'Neill - The Dance Music of Ireland

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