Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20, Page 12

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20, Page 12
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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226. lnibran na niBrea .- .-oxoth do ohoS,(NONSENSE SONG.)1 Is greannmhar an nidh seo do ar na bithribhEaso* agus pioo aid ag sIor-sheinm cheil diiinn,An breac lughach Sn linnoch! ba mhIn iad a bhrga,Is an bhfeacabhair na caoire sa gheimhridh ag buainb mhna P2 (Printed, with the chorus, nnder the music).3 D bhfeicf-sa bricIn ag breith comm i bpoll isis,Is need ag an bhfuisec g i bhf6asg an ghanndail,Cearc uisce ag crndn is ag bnaint oeil bhreagh as trompafGus madarua ar an dteinbe n is an sraoilen ag amhastruigh.4 D an fhionng ar stuaic ag buaint biolair,Is Gearn na znBrthar is n-a ch6 rt ag tomhas mine,An chearc is an brdal idir an Sp.inneach is an TurcaighGus giorac agus brfste air ag 61 ffona ar brd luinge.5 D , bhfeicf6 sa Corcaigh ag sn rnh i mbota b16 .thaighe,Bails Atha Oliath ag gabhil siar annso ag fiadhach ar Cihnoc Aine,Tigh Molaige ar db mhaide ag cur catha ar Phort I4irgeIs Oloeh -na-Coillte ar mhuin dh6 chaoirigh ag dal go Muinntear Bh ire6 Do chonnac-sa sceacha gan mhaidi gan deilgne,Db mhadarua is md gan chluasa gun earball,Teampail ar fuaid gleaunta is 6 ag damhas is ag eiteallaigh,Is nI brdagai md finigh n an t 500 do chreidfeadh m6.3 Farewell, this time a year ago!.Many gentle, spirited lassesWere hoping that I would join with themTo be their life-long mate;But now since I have lost my instrumentEveryone in the place is disgusted with me,And for that reason I shall dieWithout timely succour. [ my aid,My dear lads, my companions, now come toTill we hunt the robber and bring him back aprisoner,We will put thieves manacles on himFrom his ankles to his skull,And if the maids of the valley sot eyes onThey will tear him limb from limb. [ him4 What a shocking affair to recountBefore a court or chapter! [ storyAlas! that I should have to proclaim that myIs nob greeted with sympathy by allIn the spot I used to frequent,Making music day and night,With the girls dancing round meFrom Monday to Saturday. [ maidens,Bribes used to be given me by faultlessAnd though I seem to boast, I had the free.dom of the fields;Now they dont care about talking to meSince Ive lost my strength and vigour,And thats the reasonIm as tearful as I am.M derate.2. D bh1eio..f san r..ta grat..adh Mi ghr ir rir r 1 r r t rCon..a, San Da C oh geal..a tal go leor-uaidh, AnIr r r 1 r- iji.SeannI Om ag pxa thsaigh a ghanthnaibh. an R .s..tigh, dueI r rir r r i- Jrij jeil..ohid t is imo aig..o 1 di .z1 1 i don ph n..a I j. . ..L -J I j Id w der..c ciLi ; Bog do choS,0,I j mI .1Songs lamenting the theft of some article and cursing the thief are common inIrish. Cf. Bhardntas a Phidna, in Vol. XVII. of this Journal.The Irish for jews harp is tnirnpa (singular), which is the English word trump.I do not know why the plural is used here, u n1ess because the instrument was adouble-tongued oneor perhaps the poet lost two. The plural is also used in thenext song (verse 3, line 3). But was it a jews harp at all? In the second verse hecalls it a piob, but this may be metri causa.AoIr na Mallacht (verse 1, line 1.1) is probably for Sailm i ra Mallacht, the Psalmof Curses (Psalm cix., verses 920). . Ghlinn as a genitive of gleam is uncommon.The metre of the song is that of the later Spealadir, for which see ProfessorORahillys note on pp. 10, 11 of Journal XVIII. in connection with the songAmhrn na Leabhar.An air, with the titles of An Spealadir (The Mower ) and The CuckoosNest, will be found in Fetrie (No. 1,206), and a hOrnpipe with the same titles isprinted in Roches Collection (Vol. II., No. 238). D. J. 0S.The author of this song was Peadar O Conchubhair (OConnor), who was born inwestern Ballyvourney about a hundred years ago. He also composed Na Sbagdin,which was collected by Mr. Freeman (Journal of the Folk Song Society, Vol. XVI.,p. 162). The only other piece of which he is known to have been the author is anelegy on the death of the Rev. Domhnall O h-Uallaohdin (Houlihan , of Inchigeela,who died about fifty years ago, and who succeeded the priest who composed No. 1.V s.Oc i.t ag pinn..ce horn.
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20

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