Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20, Page 7

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20, Page 7
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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12of the motive of the buried book. In the .Trnsrnal of Hellenic Studies, 1921, pp. 199 if.(footnote 12) several instances are mentioned of the practice of burying books withthe dead (both Jewish and Moslem) in the near East. Such books, when found at alater date, were looked upon as especially venerable. Discovery of the book mentionedin this song was made (according to the Folk Song Societys version) by means of anass scratching the ground at the place where it was buried. To this part of the storythe intervention of an animal in religious disputesthere is an amusing parallel ina letter from Mrs. Hasluck (to whom I am indebted for the reference just given) inthe Observer of March 23rd, 1924. The story was obtained by her from Greeks inMacedonia, and is told to explain why Moslems may not eat pork. . . . Oncea dispute arose between Christ and Mahommed as to which was the greater Prophet.They agreed to meet the next day . . . and in the presence of the Faithful try toproduce water from a certain dry field by striking the ground with a wandwhich-ever wrought this miracle would obviously be the greater. During the nightMahommed filled a wineskin with water and buried it in the field, intending next dayto drive his wand through the skin and discover the water. But in the earlymorning a tactless pig went grunting in the field and found the skin just as the crowdwas gathering to witness the contest between the Prophets, and thus incurred thewrath and interdict of Mahommed.The above text is an improvement on the one collected by me, but leaves muchto be desired still. It evidently illustrates the proverb: Is maith a dhimreadh andf n a dheanamh an toisich, is a liuthacl fear mille th aige.Thepoem would need tobe well made at first, since there are so many to spoil it (Nicholsons Gaelic Proi. erbs,Edinburgh, 178 , p. 46). A. M. F.2 Do bhl sb fial f6 .ilteach sa bhaile mar ridhtesr,Agus dfhan s6 ar an lthair sin sealad,Go dtinigh slairniree dana n scavenger srideDo ehuir uaidh a inMia thar falls.N-a bhaillet bbf a Ian nidhthe nar rnhaith Horn dibh lireasnh,Acht bhi oat oeannfhionn breagh ann mar mheasaim,Na f( gfadh iranncach I st ca n Inch i n-ann arus,Is easnamh thar barr 6 don bade.3 Nusir a thainigh s ag gearain Horn do mhoidigheas don LsairfhearGo geaithfidhe 4 shoI thsr abhsile;Do ghlaodhas-sa suas Iaithreaeh ar Stiabhna (drithe4ir dom),Gus dirnhthigh s4 ohun Mm ins us reathsibh,Treasna us n.rda is ohun onain gas1 Cheann tSuiIeGus ar fhilleadh dhb gabh il tr Mhagh Baths,San Olithaigh do orf4hadh 6 is do greaaadh thar barr I a ba dhbair 6 bh4th I n.Ath.Qe ohan ,133. Cat IThiarmald na Bearnan.(DERMOT OF BARNAS CAT.)1 i 1 J .1 .1 I.J j r t- 1 JtJ J, Jl1. Ia at-uii-seach c&smhax bog taimillte crLite, Agij i ituitim go tl th m le seal-ad, 6 o iual an gear- 4 n so- jIJ j. JiI . J I j isDhian-maicl na Bat r-nan, Sia 0th lican aj J - 1 1r r ri i4ibDroieh-ead annaith-riS; ) uafr a th inigh anglan goJ J j IJ JrIr rrIr r1 ]Cb1 ii tho , Ag-us ohuaidh go ti n tabhairne man cbleacht-adh,Agr . -iii J j 1glaodhaoh as. na c trt iS d riar as. Ba,, 4Vttin--tibh, Sba ehos- ahaU ge il c irt is Bae-ohua.
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 4, Issue 20

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