Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 6, Page 10

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 6, Page 10
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Irish Folk Song Society
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society
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(l) 4 r1617wcJ)JJrrr cs )A rtrlr rrc ..irJcJ.f.FSLJ JMc.J 111 JJiJJT JJ LL . I 1JJU.J .rri1lt %T1wA MHILE GRADH LE MILE LA.A Mhile gradh Ic mile IaNa buail air sheoidNi fhoghnan se:Ta se cron breac, is e booth gan cheilIs beiinid a gol un fain un fainIs ag initheaclit le bar a tsaoghail.Is bine horn i no ceilebhur na neonNo ceolta sigh0 oidhche go laGach focal beg saimh a thig o do bheolIs do chombra horn fain san oidh san oidhS do chomhra ibm fein san oidhche.Ta se fad an bpobal go bhfuil me s tu ngradhS go rachainu gan spasTar salle nunFaga me an baile so sul thig cion raitcheA run so ghradh bi horn hi ibmS a run sa ghradh hi ibm.MY THOUSAND TIMES BELOVED.My thousand times beloved these th rnsanddays,Dont strike to that jewel.He does not fit you;He is brown, dusky and yellow, foolish andsenseless,And we shall be drinking by ourselves, byourselves,And going on the top of the world.She is sweeter to me than the chanting ofbirds,Or the fairy songsBy night or by day.Every sweet little word that conies fromyour mouth,And you chatting with myself at night, atnight;And you chatting with myself at night.It is gone through the public that you andI are in love,And that I shall go without delayOver the sea.I shall leave this town before the end ofthe quarter.My dear and my love, come with me, comewith me;My secret, my love, be with me.Tbis is a pathetic air accompanying a tragic lament for a young man betrayedto the gallows. The Gaelic poem is given in English character in the notebook.DONACHU BAN.A Dhonachai bhain a dbrathair dhiisIs maith a to ios agam gud a bhain diom thu01 a chopan agus sinbhal no haoidhcheAgus Man mao] clochain thug truth a chroidhedhuit.Se chreach mhaidne nach mo bhanaltra bhi meIs Donacha ban bheith or mo chigh agamDo Shiubhlainse leatsa no seacht rioghachtaS ni thiubhrair aen nooche a choiche go con-taigh an Bigh thuThug misi leim go brunch a lochaSo darna 1dm go lear a droigheadAn tritheanih leirn go bun nacroicheGo bhfuaireas fein mo dhreathair sinte.A nihathair. a mhathair eirigh do SheasamhTa do mhac mhurneach a tigheacht do bhaileNi ona phosadb no a no bhanaisAch a ccomhra clar agus e go daingheau.Is eiuin as ciuin is ciuin an oidhcheSni ciune no mna do ohaointeDha chion a chiar falumh agus a turlar lionteAgus Donachadh ban no bhradan sinte.A mhic I Mhaol chlochain nach ro sean orbNor roth do chlann mac a breith ar a chaileNach raibh do chlann inghean ag iarraigh spreorbA bhuain Donacha ban diom a buinneong leighil.DONNAGHY BAN.0 Donnagh bch, my beloved brother,Well I know what deprived me of youDrinking of glasses and walking at night,And Malcioghan who gave you the envy of hisheart.My mourning wce! that I am not a nurse,And to have Donnagh ban upon my breast.I would travel with you through the sevenkingdoms,And I would never bring you one night to theKings county.I gave a leap to the banks of the Lough,And the second leap to the middle of the bridge,The third leap to the foot of the gallowsWhere I found my brother stretched.0 mother, mother! rise up on your feet,Your darling son is coming home;Nob from his wedding, nor from the feast,But in a coffin of dale firmly bound.0 how silent, silent, silent is the night!Not more than your mourning women IThe two ends of the board vacant and themiddle of the floor full,Where Donnagh ban lies stretched as a salmon.0 Malcloghan, that you may nob prosper,That your sons may nob see each other,That your daughters may not be asking a portion.You who have taken my Donnaghu ban from me.
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Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society, Volume 1, Issue 6

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