Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 65

Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 2, Issue 1, Page 65
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periodical Publisher
Pigott & Co. 1927
periodical Editor
Roche, Francis
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Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes
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PREFACE TO VOL. III.The first Edition (4,000) which appeared early in January, 1912, was so well received as to render a reprintof the work necessary after a few months, the entire issue having been sold out. Two further reprints have sincebeen called for.This affords gratifying evidence that the labour of collecting, arranging and editing, has not been unappreciatedby the Music-loving people of Ireland.Encouraged by that success, and in response to numerous requests, the enterprising publishers had decidedsome years ago on bringing out another edition of the whole Collection, arranged for the Pianoforte by l)r. AnniePattersonof whose eminence as a Musician, and enthusiasm in the cause of Irish Music, it is unnecessary to speak but its publication has been unavoidably delayed by circumstances arising out of the great war.In harmonizing these Airs, it has been the aim of Dr. Patterson to make themin her own words as Musicallyacceptable as possible (keeping in view, doubtless, subsequent instrumental and Orchestral arrangements), and toendeavour to demonstrate their adaptability to as full a harmonization as the Folk Music of other Nations. That shehas succeeded in her object will, I am sure, be general].y conceded, particularly in her treatment of those pieces in theModal Major, and Diatonic Scales, but with regard to the Ancient Minorsa delicate questiona diversity of opinionmay be expected.The compilation involved considerable labour, but it was a labour of love lightened always by the consciousnessof its national import and necessity. Looking at it now fully harmonized, I cannot help reflecting how, in boyhood,when listening with delight to many of these fine old Airs and piecesnotably The Fox Chase I used at the sametime, feel sad to think that they could never, as it then seemed, be noted down, but would pass away with the oldpatriots who played them. I little thought at the time that the day was not so far off, when not alone would they benoted down, but harmonized, and that the performance of the famous old Fox Chase by a full Orchestra would alsobe made possible. Ni Misde a radh go deimhin, agus gan a bheith a maoidheamh as, go bhfuil cdim mor buailte araighidh againn o shoin.If playing from the Pianoforte arrangement, the Violinist should observe that the Melody has always the tailsup except where the harmony is mostly in the bass. When accompanying the Violin the Pianist should leave theMelody to the latter, and fill in from the harmony provided, but in loud passages, for special effects, or in playing forDancing this need not be adhered to. A separate Violin part is issued for those who play only the Violin, Flute orPipes, or for any who may object to Pianoforte arrangements on traditional grounds. This separate part is necessaryalso in order to preserve the historical significance, and continuity of our Old Music, as Dr. Annie Patterson, owingprobably to the exigencies of harmony, has in a few cases altered the key signatures, and in many others supplied endingsthat might, possibly, mislead the student as to their antiquity.The Collection has been completely revised and enlarged by mpre than 200 Airs and various pieces takendown and collected during the past few years, amongst them some fine settings of Airs from an old MS. of my fatherswhich was not available when the first edition was being prepared. These were all embodied in Vois. I and II.according to classification, and in keeping with the original design, and their production in this form was contemplatedfor a New Edition in three Volumes, but financial and other considerations precluded the idea, and necessitated theirpublication in a separate volume. I have gratefully to acknowledge my thanks for the loan of an old MS. hook belongingto the late Mr P 0 Donohue Ballyneety Limerick and in partn. .ut sr to Mr P T 1o cc i det ti) U 1 ri .n eKilmallock, for many beautiful Airs and Dance Tunes, and for the loan of his fine MS. Collection of Irish Music : tomy brother John, and to Mr. Tim Crowe, Dundrum, Co. Tipperary, for some Airs and dame tunes. and to any whosenames may have been inadvertently omitted. In compliance with the wishes of many, and in accordance with myown, I have included a selection of old ballroom dance favourites in this volume. In thse simple and melodiousitems, together with the various sets of quadrilles, or lancers, a substitute may be found to some extent for the vulgar.inane, and noisy stuff called dance music in vogue at present. Let us hope that they may also help in some measureto enkindle a desire for a revival of the rational and artistic style of dancing which obtained before the war.* The publication of the Pianoforte arrangement seemed assured t the time tw foreg ii was , :ittiii
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Roche, Francis
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Roche, Francis - Collection of Irish Airs, Marches and Dance Tunes, Volume 2