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Drones by David Boisvert. c.2006 Materials - delrin, brass and artificial ivory with L&M Bag. Drones in working order. Boisvert Drones
€750.00 01/02/2019
Bb chanter
This is a Robbie Hughes (Strangford, Co. Down) boxwood chanter with silver plated brass metalwork and imitation ivory mounts and it's a belter. I will consider reasonable offers. I have made a youtube video of it- please excuse the odd bum note as the tone holes are not where I left them after my concert pitch chanter!   https://youtu.be/uCXgmcXOKUw   As you can see and hear it's a cracking chanter playing easily tight up to Csharp and C nat with key. Nice hard bottom D.   Robbie made a few Bb instruments based on his Bb set and they are lovely. Taking cues from Kenna and O' Mealy they play really nicely like a flat set set should- rich harmonics and a gentle tone. Stamped with maker's name. Made in boxwood with a silver plated brass C nat and G sharp key. There are full blocks and there is no F natural key as it doesn't need one- play it off the leg, spot on. The reed is playing well and has had a slight trim and lightening from me and retied/ waxed. No issues. Right up to the second octave with a light playing pressure. There are no rushes or modifications to the chanter apart from a small piece of wax on the back D which just makes it sound better to my ear. Basically this plays spot on- by ear and against drone and very well against a tuner. I play with other instruments and this plays in tune nicely in flattened key. This chanter would make an ideal starting point to build up a set. I got this chanter as part of a swap with my Hughes 3/4 Bb set which wasn't getting played- essentially same chanter design in ebony. I would say get this chanter and get Robbie to build up drones and regs for you, you will not regret it if you are looking for a flat set. Having played a Bb 3/4 set a lot this chanter will complement drones and regulators and make a well balanced set if and when it comes to it. I am playing almost exclusively concert pitch these days and my daughter is off to uni so I can't justify this sitting there largely unplayed. Any questions please ask. I'm happy to make some soundfiles and send them, likewise any areas of the instrument needing more detailed photos let me know. Genuine buyers only please. I would prefer the buyer to see it and try it but it can be posted, we can discuss. Basically this is a cracking chanter which I will miss very much and I can see myself going back in a few years to ask Robbie to make me another one! Bb chanter Asking price: £1100 Contact: cmorris@doctors.org.uk  
1100 13/02/2019
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Concert Pitch 3/4 Set made by Tim Britton. Contact: sheena.mcginley@gmail.com IMG_0882 IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0881