Title Price Date
Full set by Marc Van Daal made of Ebony with silver-plated metal pieces. Bellows, parts and connections made by Cillian Ó Briain and the bag is Kelleher (Cillian Ó Briain model). The chanter has a stop key (it has keys of F, G #, Bb and C). It is a very good set, I am selling it because I need to reduce myself to a 3/4 set. The pipes are in Germany. I can send some videos showing the set by e-mail. For queries on collection or for more photos and/or videos, please write me to pamelaschweblin@gmail.com. 1 4
3800 19/06/2018
These were made by Kirk Lynch in Weston, Missouri in about 1995. My friend Al Purcell helped me with their purchase. He even travelled with me to Weston to meet Kirk and to check out the pipes. I was living in Windsor, Ontario at the time. Since, my return to Ireland the pipes have been languishing in their case and it is not fair to Kirk or Al so I want to sell the to someone who will make them sing. I will be asking for €2500 for them. This includes the case and also a kit the Al made up for me for making reeds. Contact John Joe O'Connell on 0872229931   nor nor nor  
2500 24/08/2018
Estate sale. Concert D set, rosewood, imitation ivory, brass, stop key, c nat key, f nat key, g# key. Made by McNicholl  , also a Practice set by C. Coe contact kmbagpipes@kmbagpipes.com price please negotiate with owner of estate.