Title Price Date
Concert Pitch 3/4 Set made by Tim Britton. Contact: sheena.mcginley@gmail.com IMG_0882 IMG_0878 IMG_0879 IMG_0881
Almost New HALF SET of Chris Coe (Chester) Concert Pitch Uilleann Pipes for sale. African Ebony with English Boxwood mounts and brass trim. Chanter (May, 2018) with C Nat Key. The Drones (December 2018) have never been played. £4,000.   Comes with the following FREE items: Hiscox case (£150), The Dance Music of Seamus Ennis, The Master’s Touch by Seamus Ennis, The Leo Rowsome Collection of Irish Music, several other tutoring books, DVD/CD ROM and lots of CDs.   Contact Fra on +44 (0) 7969 848967 JPG1 JPG2 JPG3 JPG4 JPG5
£4000.00 07/05/2019
E Flat One Keyed Chanter in Ebony For sale at £1100 Stg Contact: Kevin@goldenleaves.com 00447713113118 IMG_0195 IMG_0192 IMG_0193 IMG_0194
£1100.00 02/05/2019
It is with a heavy heart I am selling my prize Cillian Ó Briain chanter. I just don't play in D any more and it seems a crime to have such a lovely instrument in a box when it could be played by someone else. Chanter has amazing tone and voicing, playing well in tune up and down the octave and has good strong volume. The scalloped tone hole would suit a beginner making it easy to find the holes to cover but would also work very well for an experienced player. A lot of players have Faden or Galloway sets with Cillian chanters on the front and this would be a rare opportunity to obtain such a chanter. Any questions welcome. Contact galwaypiper@outlook.com. COB 1 COB 2 COB 3 COB 4
€2,500 17/05/2019