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Dessie Seery drones for sale,  new kelleher bag. price 1500 euro. thanks Anthony Duncan ph,0868980044   Picture9 Picture7
1500 27/11/2017
Dave Williams Half Set Pitch D bought it in 1987 Condition : in a good shape for an "old" instrument. Bag may be a little small and bellow standard Original reeds from Dave Williamsnot really played since 10 years. But it's playable Materials : african blackwood, ebony, brass and imitation ivory Reason for sale : no time to practice it now... and this kind of instrument must play it.. Contact Chris pipesandcow@gmail.com   halfset1
3500 28/11/2017
Pipes 1
Full set in D by Cillian Ó Briain. Ebony & Brass. Stop key on chanter, also C & F keys. Recently overhauled by Cillian, All reeds by Cillian. No Texts please, just call 087 – 2128925
Crowley (3)
Full Set made by Crowley of Cork with Lorcan Dunne chanter for sale. Contact: blackieoconnell@hotmail.com 2017-12-05-PHOTO-00000002 Crowley (1) 2017-12-05-PHOTO-00000005 Crowley (2)Crowley (3)
TBC 06/12/2017