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A half-set of uilleann pipes by John Mitchell, pipemaker in Cork. The pipes were made in 2007, and as we now have a full-set, this half-set is not being used. Pipes were played for about 3 years, and have no defects. Asking price €3900. Contact number: 086 2482785 / 065 6837919   IMG_9300 IMG_9302IMG_9299
3900 15/11/2018
Blackwood with boxwood mounts and brass keys. Case included. Shipping excluded. (9500 USD or 8400 Euro or best offer) Please contact Kevin Buckley -  kmbuckley@gmail.com  / +1-314-223-8077  
8400 13/12/2018
Peter Hunter 3/4 set with an Éamonn Curran chanter, bag and bellows. They are made with lignum vitae and ebony, and are about thirty years old. Ivory mountings. The chanter has one key, is made of African blackwood and is eight years old. Original Hunter stock will be sold with it, currently an Éamonn Curran stock in it. Case included. Phone Julianne: 087 1746189 1 2 3 Price: €4,000
4000 07/01/2019