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PipeCraft Workshop – Voicing and Tuning

Emmett Gill
PipeCraft Workshop – Voicing and Tuning

Voicing and Tuning

with Bill Haneman

Tuesday 30th May – Thursday 1st June (3 days)

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Course will cover the concepts and processes of taking a chanter from the “as drilled” state to a finished instrument, including chamfering, undercutting, scalloping, rushing, and small modifications to the bore and tonehole diameters.  Examples of voiced and unvoiced chanters in concert pitch and flat pitches will be demonstrated.  The decision making processes leading to these modifications will be discussed. In order to make the most of this course, it is a prerequisite that students be experienced and capable in the physical manufacture of chanters.  Students who wish to voice their own chanters during this class should be prepared to bring a partially completed chanter to class, using a design agreed upon with the instructor in advance.

Location: PipeCraft, Unit 44 Port Tunnel Business Park, Clonshaugh, Dublin 14

Cost €180

Email info@pipers.ie or call +353 1 873 0093 to book.