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Tionól Píobaireachta Thír Chonaill

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Tionól Píobaireachta Thír Chonaill

Na Píobairí Uilleann is delighted to announce that we will be running a regional piping tionól in Dunlewey Co. Donegal, titled, Tionól Píobaireachta Thír Chonaill from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of February 2015. The venue will be the Óige Hostel in Dunlewey (Brú na hÓige, Dún Lúiche) and some events will also take place in the new community centre next to the hostel.

Tionól Píobaireachta Thír Chonaill (Gaeilge thíos)

Errigal Youth Hostel, Dunlewey Co. Donegal

20-22 February 2015

• Friday 20th February •

8:30pm Young Pipers Recital

9:30pm Pipers Chair

• Saturday 21st February •

10am-1pm/2pm-3:30pm Classes

Reedmaking (Concert Pitch) with Martin Gallen

Reedmaking (Flat) with Martin Preshaw

Pipes Maintenance with Ray Sloan

Piping Classes with Brian Stafford, Conor Day and Martin Crossin

3:30pm-5:30pm Pipemakers Showcase

3:30pm-5:30pm Try the Pipes

7pm Pipers Recital

With Paul Harrigan, Róisín Harrigan, Síle Friel, Briain O’Domhnaill  & Aoife Nic Lochlainn

9pm Pipers Chair

led by Ciarán Mac Feidhlimidh

• Sunday 22nd February •

11am Pipers Chair 

Tionól Píobaireachta Thír Chonaill

Brú Óige na hEaragaile, Dún Lúiche Co. Thír Chonaill

20-22 Mí Feabhra 2015

• Dé hAoine 20 Feabhra •

8:30pm Ceolchoirm na bPíobairí Óga

9:30pm Cathaoir an Phíobaire

• Dé Sathairn 21 Feabhra •

10am-1pm/2pm-3:30pm Ranganna

Ríd-dhéanamh (Airde Ceolchoirme) le Martin Gallen

Ríd-dhéanamh (Airde Mhaol) le Martin Preshaw

Cothabháil Píbe le Ray Sloan

Ranganna Píobaireachta le Brian Stafford, Conor Day & Martin Crossin

3:30pm-5:30pm Sárthaispeántas Píbdhéantóra

3:30pm-5:30pm Bain triail as na Píoba

7pm Ceolchoirm

Le Paul Harrigan, Róisín Harrigan, Síle Friel, Briain O’Domhnaill & Aoife Nic Lochlainn

9pm Cathaoir an Phíobaire

Le Ciarán Mac Feidhlimidh

• Dé Domhnaigh 22 Feabhra •

11am Cathaoir an Phíobaire

For more information please contact NPU on info@pipers.ie/353-1-8730093

Dunlewey, Donegal

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